Nature and Business

Business and partnerships play key roles in achieving the new global goals on sustainable development and climate change.

More than 100 sessions at the IUCN Congress featured promising examples of business engagement, showcasing the latest knowledge, policies and tools being used by the public and private sectors to transform business practices.  These sessions also highlighted the benefits to business -- from valuing natural resources vital to their value chains and achieving greater efficiencies in their operations to reducing exposure to climate change risks and building new sustainable markets.

Learn about the Business Journey at Congress and the outcomes from the many business and nature sessions. 

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development sponsored the Business and Biodiversity Pavilion. As the only international business organization within IUCN membership, WBCSD was a key participant at Congress.  See the pavilion programme here and WBCSD's IUCN Congress web page for more about business participation at the Congress. 

Learn more about the IUCN Business and Biodiversity Programme.

The following news stories illustrate how IUCN and its Members are engaging with business to address critical conservation and development issues, and embracing new opportunities to build a more sustainable future. 

Recent updates

Polar Subpolar Killer whales Falkland Is.
06 Jun 2016
WBCSD is launching an initiative to support businesses that want to play an active role in keeping plastics out of oceans. 
Green rooftop
26 Apr 2016
A recent study by The Dow Chemical Company and The Nature Conservancy, an IUCN Member, demonstrates that investing in natural infrastructure is a cost-effective way to protect business assets from extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods.
Rainbow and night sky
04 Apr 2016
Peter Bakker, President & CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) discusses what nature can do for business and what business can do for nature.
04 Apr 2016
A recent IUCN-backed report explores how the investment industry can raise the billions of dollars needed to fund solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. 
Have a sunny day! Solar panels
04 Apr 2016
Small island states are most threatened by the impacts of climate change. Nauru, Niue, and Tuvalu in the South Pacific are addressing these threats head-on by engaging with local business to demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.
Recycled aluminium
04 Apr 2016
Demonstrating best practice and reducing environmental and social impacts are part of Nespresso's motivation to support a new global standard on aluminium.


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