Call for carbon offset project proposals

Deadline 22 November to propose projects from which certified carbon offsets may be purchased to offset carbon emissions for the IUCN World Conservation Congress 

rainforest in Borneo Photo: Face the Future

IUCN is making every effort to ensure that the IUCN World Conservation Congress is an environment- friendly and sustainable event by minimizing the environmental impacts and leaving a positive legacy to the islands of Hawai‘i. To offset unavoidable carbon emissions generated by the Congress, IUCN is opening a call for proposals for carbon offset projects from which IUCN and Congress participants can purchase certified carbon offsets.

The deadline to submit a project for consideration is 22 November, 2015. Instructions for submitting proposals are available on the Carbon Offsets page of this website.

Although measures are being taken to encourage a more efficient use of resources such as minimal use of paper, water, electricity, plastic, etc., the Congress will generate unavoidable residual greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to climate change. IUCN is collecting voluntary contributions from delegates to support the Carbon Offset Fund. In addition, IUCN will offset the emissions generated by staff, Council members and sponsored delegates.

IUCN implemented a similar plan to offset 6847 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (t CO2e) for the 2012 Jeju Congress. The funds collected in Jeju were used to buy offsets from a rainforest rehabilitation project  (INFAPRO developed by Face the Future) in Borneo.

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