Between now and Congress, we will highlight many conservation and sustainable development issues in the feed below. Please check back frequently as we add more stories on new topics every couple of weeks.

Seychelles - La Digue - Anse Source d'Argent
26 Apr 2016
Jean-Paul Adam, Minister of Finance, Trade and the Blue Economy of the Republic of Seychelles, discusses how debt swaps can build a Blue Economy by mobilising capital to support climate change adaptation and marine protection.
IUCN: Calling for climate action since 1960
26 Apr 2016
In 2015, 195 countries adopted the landmark Paris Agreement with the aim of enhancing global action to address climate change. IUCN was among the first international organizations to flag the impacts of humans and modern technological development on nature, and call for research, practical action, and international-level coordination to address environmental and climate issues.  
Green rooftop
26 Apr 2016
A recent study by The Dow Chemical Company and The Nature Conservancy, an IUCN Member, demonstrates that investing in natural infrastructure is a cost-effective way to protect business assets from extreme weather events like hurricanes and floods.
Cows grazing a lakefront field
15 Apr 2016
Protected areas are a critical refuge for nature in face of a burgeoning human population and ecological footprint. The IUCN Green List promotes conservation performance and quality in these areas.
C.J. Tamelander
15 Apr 2016
Papahānaumokuākea is one of the largest Marine Protected Areas in the world, home to thousands of species and culturally important for Hawaiian people. Here we learn about marine debris removal and habitat restoration initiatives
Montrichardia arborescens on the Atrato River
15 Apr 2016
The 1972 World Heritage Convention and Protected areas legislation are important mechanisms for achieving biodiversity conservation and protecting human livelihoods. IUCN has been integral to the historical development of the ideas behind these mechanisms and for setting new standards for on-the-ground implementation today.
Protected Planet
15 Apr 2016
Protected Planet is an online platform where users can access statistics and download data on protected areas for information-based decision making, policy development, and business and conservation planning. It’s managed by the United Nations Environment Programme’s World Conservation Monitoring Centre (UNEP-WCMC) with support from IUCN and its World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA).
Rainbow and night sky
04 Apr 2016
Peter Bakker, President & CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) discusses what nature can do for business and what business can do for nature.
04 Apr 2016
A recent IUCN-backed report explores how the investment industry can raise the billions of dollars needed to fund solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges. 
Have a sunny day! Solar panels
04 Apr 2016
Small island states are most threatened by the impacts of climate change. Nauru, Niue, and Tuvalu in the South Pacific are addressing these threats head-on by engaging with local business to demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.


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