Between now and Congress, we will highlight many conservation and sustainable development issues in the feed below. Please check back frequently as we add more stories on new topics every couple of weeks.

Alexandra Petersen, Congress Logistics Manager
15 Jul 2016
IUCN set out ambitious goals to make the 2016 Congress the greenest yet and to create a lasting legacy for Hawai‘i. Alexandra Petersen, Congress Logistics Manager, explains the how and why.
Sequoia forest
13 Jul 2016
Wondering how to navigate through 1,300 Forum events in five days? The new IUCN Congress app makes it easy. 
Soil compost
13 Jul 2016
“We had an opportunity to think big and create a replicable model,” says Jennifer Milholen, President of Styrophobia, the nonprofit leading a pioneering new food composting project on Oʻahu. 
Kōkua Hawaiʻi founder Jack Johnson sorting waste
13 Jul 2016
Hawaiʻi-born musician Jack Johnson and his wife Kim know that single-use plastics are a major source of pollution, especially in our oceans. The IUCN Congress will be part of the solution, not the problem.   
Diamond Head and Waikiki beach at night
13 Jul 2016
The Green Hotels Initiative is spurring sustainability in the Hawaiʻi hotel industry. 
Twin Bridge Farms
13 Jul 2016
“We are taking locally sourced to a whole new level. We are excited and it’s challenging,” says Gary Matsumoto, Director of Operations for Food and Beverage for the Hawai’i Convention Center. 
Arabian Oryx
06 Jul 2016
At its inaugural meeting in 1948, IUCN declared the rescue of endangered species to be a key objective and began to set up instruments to monitor the status of animals and plants worldwide.
Promila Rani
06 Jul 2016
The Mangroves for the Future Small Grants Facility (MFF SGF) enabled NGO Nabolok Parishad to help local women like Promila Rani establish and run community enterprises that provide alternative and sustainable livelihoods. 
Stora Enso
29 Jun 2016
For 22 years, Verac​el, Stora Enso's joint venture in Brazil, has been planting seedlings of native tree species in local rainforests as part of the Atlantic Rainforest Program.
Cecilia Conde, General Coordinator of Adaptation to Climate Change at Mexico’s National Institute of Ecology and Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
28 Jun 2016
Mexico is using Ecosystem-based Adaptation as a pillar of climate change policy and practice, writes Cecilia Conde.


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