IUCN Congress in the news

Below are some of the more than 21,000 news stories that featured IUCN or the IUCN Congress in the weeks before and after the event:

12/09/16 The New York Times - Oceans are absorbing almost all of the globe's access heat 

11/09/16 The GuardianBan on domestic ivory trade passes at international summit

11/09/16 Inter Press ServiceConservation Congress Votes to Ban All Domestic Trade in Elephant Ivory

10/09/16 The Guardian - Push for ban on domestic ivory trade spurs feud at international summit

10/09/16 ABC News - Group Votes to Urge Countries to End Domestic Ivory Trade

10/09/16 Inter Press ServiceConservation Congress Sets Ambitious Target to Protect Oceans

10/09/16 The GuardianPush for ban on domestic ivory trade spurs feud at international summit

09/09/16 The Telegraph- Group to vote on urging countries to close ivory markets

09/09/16 The New York Times Group to Vote on Urging Countries to Close Ivory Markets


09/09/16 The Washington PostGiraffes aren’t just giraffes. Turns out there are four species.

09/09/16 TIMEResearchers Discover Giraffes Are Actually Four Separate Species

09/09/16 BBCAre lion hunters in South Africa shooting tame animals?

09/09/16 The Economist - Survival of the cutest 

08/09/16 United Press InternationalOcean warming affecting Arctic fish and birds

08/09/16 The Huffington Post In 20 short years, we've wiped out 10 percent of earth's wilderness 

08/09/16 National GeographicAfrica May Have New Giraffe Species—And This Could Help Protect Them

08/09/16 The Washington PostThe world has lost a tenth of all its wilderness in the past two decades

07/09/16 The GuardianThe oceans are heating up. That's a big problem on a blue planet

07/09/16 National GeographicAn Ocean Perspective for a Planet at the Crossroads

07/09/16 Channel News AsiaNative people's rights violated in name of 'conservation': UN

07/09/16 The Washington PostThe Tasmanian tiger went extinct 80 years ago today. But that took decades to figure out

07/09/16 EFE La dehesa Arroyo de la Luz se exhibe en Congreso Mundial Naturaleza en Hawái

07/09/16 Inter Press Service When It Comes to Conservation, Size Matters

07/09/16 Deutsche Welle - Our planet at a crossroads 

07/09/16 National Geographic - World Heritage in the High Seas: The Time Has Come

07/09/16 National Geographic NetherlandsKaretschildpad in kritieke toestand – Foto van de dag

07/09/16 Agence France-Presse - Les droits des autochtones bafoues au nom de la protection de l'environnement

07/09/16 The Washington PostThis new gene technology could wipe out entire species — to save others

07/09/16 Fox NewsWorld's largest gorilla species at risk of extinction

07/09/16 The Huffington Post "Fishing is like a religion for me" says Uncle Mac Poepoe of Mo'omomi

06/09/16 Time - Gorillas Face Greater Threat While Pandas Move Off 'Endangered' Species List 

06/09/16 Wall street JournalGiant Panda No Longer on Endangered Species List

06/09/16 The Washington PostGiant pandas no longer endangered? Not so fast, some experts say

06/09/16 MongabayIUCN motions to ban the pangolin trade

06/09/16 Terra Océanos "enfermos" por el calentamiento global, advierten científicos

06/09/16 El PaisCuatro de las seis especies de grandes simios ya están al borde de la extinción 

06/09/16 National Geographic BrazilPanda-gigante sai da Lista Vermelha de Espécies Ameaçadas de Extinção

06/09/16 Agence France-Presse - Des Oceans malades du rechauffement

05/09/16 BBC - How did China save the giant panda?

05/09/16 Inter Press ServiceWithout Indigenous People, Conservation Is a Halfway Measure

05/09/16 The GuardianTake that, extinction: giant pandas and the other animals fighting back

05/09/16 ReutersMiners call for World Heritage Sites to be left untouched by all

05/09/16 The Guardian Obama's Hawaii marine conservation area is just a drop in the ocean

05/09/16 Inter Press ServiceBig Oil and Activists Unite to Protect Endangered Whales

05/09/16 Voice of America Experts: Global Warming Threatens Oceans and World Food Security

05/09/16 National Geographic The Oceans Can’t Protect Us Anymore—Here’s Why

05/09/16 The TelegraphGlobal warming making oceans 'sick', scientists warn

05/09/16 Reuters - Global warming disrupts oceans, seen lingering in the depths

05/09/16 EFE El calentamiento del océano ya tiene consecuencias para la salud humana

05/09/16 The GuardianSoaring ocean temperature is 'greatest hidden challenge of our generation'

05/09/16 MongabayGood news for Giant Panda, Tibetan Antelope in updated IUCN Red List

04/09/16 The Guardian - IUCN updates 'red list' of endangered species - in pictures

04/09/16 CNN Good news and bad news for the animal kingdom

04/09/16 National GeographicGiant Pandas, Symbol of Conservation, Are No Longer Endangered

04/09/16 BloombergEastern Gorilla Is Now 'Critically Endangered' While Panda Improves to 'Vulnerable' Status

04/09/16 BBCGiant pandas rebound off endangered list 

04/09/16 ReutersHunting pushes Eastern gorillas close to extinction: Red List

04/09/16 The Washington PostWorld’s largest gorilla moved to ‘critically endangered’ status 

04/09/16 El PaisCuatro de las seis especies de grandes simios ya están al borde de la extinción

04/09/16 The TelegraphGiant Panda no longer endangered species, say conservationists

04/09/16 The GuardianEastern gorilla now critically endangered due to illegal hunting

04/09/16 The Washington Post Eastern gorilla gets added to critically endangered list 

04/09/16 EFEEl visón europeo, al borde de la extinción en España 

04/09/16 EFE La caza ilegal lleva a los grandes simios al borde de la extinción 

03/09/16 National Geographic Booming Seaweed Farming Exposes Producers and Environment to Risks, Experts Warn

03/09/16 EFENace una coalición para impulsar la inversión privada en conservación

03/09/16 El Pais La humanidad ha matado a 144.000 elefantes en siete años, el 30% de los que quedaban

03/09/16 Inter Press ServiceElephant Census Ramps Up Pressure to Stop Domestic Trade in Ivory 

03/09/16 Agence France-Presse -  Deal with oil giant helps near-extinct whale recover (Spanish version: Acuerdo con grupo petrolero du respiro a las ballenas

03/09/16 The GuardianProtected lands and endangered species aren't properly safeguarded, report says

02/09/16 Time - Nearly 15% of Earth’s Land Is Now Protected — but That’s Not Enough 

02/09/16 The New York TimesCan 'Protected Areas' Offer a Safe Haven for Indigenous Peoples? 

02/09/16 Agence France-Presse - Conservation confab in Hawaii starts with sunrise ritual

02/09/16 Voice of America - Global Congress Tackles Wildlife Trafficking, Ocean Conservation

02/09/16 Agence France-Presse - A Hawaï, la planète entière « dans le même canoë »

02/09/16 Washington Post - Global warming is key topic at Hawaii conservation congress

02/09/16 Inter Press Service - Dire Warnings But Also Hope as IUCN Environmental Congress Opens

02/09/16 Associated PressGlobal warming is key topic at Hawaii conservation congress

01/09/16 The White House Press OfficeRemarks by the President to Leaders from the Pacific Island Conference of Leaders and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature World Conservation Congress

01/09/16 Inter Press ServiceObama Stresses Climate Change Urgency Ahead of IUCN Congress

31/08/16 The GuardianAfrican forest elephants may ​face extinction sooner than thought: study

31/08/16 Associated PressAfrica's elephants rapidly declining as poaching thrives

31/08/16 National Geographic Great Elephant Census “Tells us we Must act, and Now”

27/08/16 The Guardian Online - Obama establishes world's largest marine reserve in Hawaii 

26/08/16 NBC News Obama to Expand Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument in Hawaii 

26/08/16 Washington Post - Obama creates the largest protected place on the planet, in Hawaii

26/08/16 USA Today - Obama expands protected waters off Hawaii, creating world's largest reserve



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