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IUCN World Conservation Congress Opening Ceremony

Practical information for the press


The Opening Ceremony will be held on September 1, 2016, from 10:00am to 12:00noon at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Accredited media are invited to attend and cover the Opening Ceremony. 

The purpose of these guidelines is to grant as much access as possible to media, while ensuring the safety, security and comfort of all participants, staff and media. 


  • Official IUCN Congress press badges are required for entry to the Neal S. Blaisdell Center complex and the on-site Media Room. 
  • Media must wear badges at all times while at Congress events and venues, including the Neal S. Blaisdell Center (Blaisdell Center) Exhibition Hall and Arena, where the opening ceremonies are being held. 
  • Media are advised to also carry government issued ID, such as a Passport or Driver’s License, with them at all times while at the Congress.
  • Dates and times for badge pickup at the Hawaii Convention Center (Convention Center) may be found on the IUCN Congress website at:



  • Media will be permitted to bring professional camera and recording equipment with them to the Blaisdell Center.
  • Large equipment, like television cameras and tripods, must be placed in the Blaisdell Center Arena and installed on the media platform on the day prior to the Opening Ceremony: Wednesday, August 31, 2016, between 9:30am-1:30pm. Media may contact to arrange a time to setup their equipment on August 31.
  • Unless pre-arranged with Host Committee staff, no push carts or trailer-like items will be allowed. 
  • Electrical outlets, space on the media platform, and the number of available audio feeds in the Arena are limited and not guaranteed.
  • The Blaisdell Center offers free wifi across the complex to their general visitor audiences, however, media should not rely on this service as a dedicated source of wifi for their reporting needs. This wifi will not support large uploads or downloads.



  • Dedicated shuttle transfers for media are available from the Convention Center to the Blaisdell Center on September 1. Boarding for media begins at 7:00am and departure is at 7:30am. A shuttle return service from the Blaisdell Center back to the Convention Center will also be provided at the close of the Opening Ceremony.
  • Media and equipment will be visually inspected at the Convention Center prior to boarding a shuttle. Should heightened security be required, additional security measures may be implemented such as manual or magnetic screening at the Blaisdell Center before entry to the Arena.
  • Complimentary bag and equipment storage will be provided at the Convention Center on September 1, from 6:30am-6:30pm.
  • Media are advised to arrive at the Convention Center well in advance of the shuttle departure time to allow enough time to go through security screening.
  • Taxi, other passenger drop-offs and individual walk-ons will be allowed at a designated drop-off point on Victoria Street, between S. Beretania and S. King Streets. No large group drop-offs of six people or more that have not been pre-arranged with Host Committee staff will be permitted. No large equipment, including television cameras and tripods, will be allowed on to the Blaisdell Center complex via the designated drop-off point. 
  • Because the Victoria Street entry point is the primary drop-off and walk-on entry point for all VIPs, staff, vendors, performers and other Opening Ceremony support services, media are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the shuttle service coming from the Convention Center to avoid long delays.
  • Other than the shuttle drop-off on Ward Avenue, passenger drop-offs and individual walk-ons will not be allowed at any other entry point at the Blaisdell Center complex and property.
  • No on-site parking will be permitted at the Blaisdell Center.
  • Media will not be allowed entry to the Blaisdell Center complex will be permitted before 6:00am or after 9:00am.



  • Media arriving at the Blaisdell Center via shuttle bus will enter the Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall via the Ward Avenue entrance. 
  • Media arriving via the passenger drop-off and individual walk-on point will be screened by security prior to entering the Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall. 
  • Although a courtesy Media Room will be provided, media may visit the main Exhibition Hall where Congress participants will be waiting and a number of cultural practitioners will be demonstrating various arts and crafts. 
  • Media who did not have a chance to install a camera and tripod setup via an appointment on August 31, will have a chance to enter and setup in the Arena before doors close.
  • Should heightened security be required, media may go through a secondary screening before entering the Arena.



  • Located on the ground floor of the Blaisdell Center Exhibition Hall, the Media Room is provided as a courtesy to accredited Congress media and requires a press badge for entry.
  • The Media Room provides a place for badged media to work and charge equipment and for access to a dedicated lane for expedited secondary screening (if required for heightened security) and entry into the Arena.



  • The Opening Ceremony may be recorded unless indicated otherwise, and as long as the proceedings are not disturbed.
  • NO flash photography will be allowed during the Opening Ceremony.
  • Media will not be allowed beyond the barrier located near the front edge of the stage, and no mobile video units will be permitted.


The IUCN and National Host Committee reserve the right to deny admission to accredited media who fails to adhere to these policies or misuses their media privileges to engage in activities other than journalistic pursuits.


Visa applications

If you are a media representative you need to apply for an I visa. Activities in the United States while on a media (I) visa must be for a media organisation having its home office in a foreign country. Activities in the United States must be informational in nature and generally associated with the news gathering process and reporting on current events. For more information please see:

Keep in mind that you need to:

  • Find out about visa requirements, costs and timing.
  • Apply early.
  • Be prepared with appropriate documentation as there is no appeal process in the case of visa denial.
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