The Forum is a hub of public debate, bringing together people from all around the world to discuss and develop solutions to the world’s most pressing conservation and sustainability challenges. It will demonstrate innovative, scalable solutions from all areas and from all around the globe to address challenges at local and global levels – from small islands to entire regions, from individual to collective actions.

The Forum will be held from 2 to 5 September 2016 and will include many types of events from high level dialogues to training workshops which explore the depths of conservation and innovation.

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Types of Forum events 

  • High Level Dialogues

The High Level Dialogues will feature internationally recognized experts, politicians and CEOs in a series of six moderated public debates that tackle the most strategic issues related to conservation and sustainable development. With high media exposure, and innovative techniques, these 2 hour sessions will offer strategic thinking to guide the implementation of practical solutions for a sustainable future.

  • Conservation Cases

Do you want to gain the best knowledge and know-how currently available, and a deeper understanding of specific conservation topics? Conservation Cases will offer a more in-depth approach to a specific conservation issue, facilitating a more complete understanding of the broader picture, factors and actors related to this issue.

  • Workshops

Do you want to share or learn how an approach, scientific finding or technology can provide practical solutions to a variety of challenges? These two-hour interactive, facilitated workshops give participants the opportunity to find out how they can apply new techniques to their own situation. 

  • Knowledge Café

Are you looking to engage in meaningful dialogue with a small group of people to foster mutual understanding or create new partnerships around a certain issue? The two-hour roundtable discussions of the Knowledge Café, involving up to 12 people, will explore common areas of interest, how to build on each other’s experience and discuss possible partnerships or joint ventures. 

  • Posters

Posters are a visual and concise way to showcase latest achievements and conservation projects. Posters show innovations and solutions on a multitude of topics, such as traditional and indigenous knowledge, new and more sustainable business models and investment opportunities, youth action, methods to address gender equity, latest technologies or emerging multi-sector partnerships.

  • Conservation Campus

Are you looking to enhance your skills and knowledge, or do you feel like becoming a teacher for a day? The half- or one-day interactive training and capacity-building sessions of the Conservation Campus provide opportunities to further develop skills for conservation practitioners through peer-to-peer learning and academic sessions, endorsed by recognised universities worldwide. The Conservation Campus may involve pre- and post-Congress on-line activities.

  • Pavilions

You want to meet and engage with like-minded people? The Pavilions provide a great opportunity to learn about the most innovative partnerships that will drive conservation globally in the coming few years and talk to the right people, in a more informal and relaxed atmosphere.

  • Social events

Networking and social interaction play an essential role at the IUCN Congress. Not only do the conference sessions allow for new relationships to form, social events also liven up the Congress and provide participants with a welcoming place to wind down at the end of the day or during the lunch break. Stay tuned for more information on how to book your prizes and awards ceremonial sessions, book launches, and more.

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