Hawaii at the Congress

The Forum at the IUCN World Conservation Congress runs from September 2 through 5, 2016, at the Hawaii Convention Center, and is the largest public gathering of conservationists in the world. A unique marketplace of over 1,200 workshops, dialogues and social events, the Forum is a place to explore, learn and meet some of the best minds committed to conserving our environment.

To see the list of Hawaii events that have been selected for the Forum, please click on the links below.

Download a PDF of the list  (updated June 30, 2016)
Download a sortable MS Excel file  (updated June 30, 2016)

Event organizers may access their event via the IUCN Congress portal. Login is required. For any questions about your event, please contact the Forum Team at congressforum@iucn.org. Those interested in learning more about all the events that have been accepted for the Forum should also visit the portal.

If you are a Hawaii organization or presenter and don’t see your event listed here or your event information requires updating, please contact Leah Laramee at leah.j.laramee@dlnr.hawaii.gov, and we’ll add you to the list or make your requested changes. Updates to the list of accepted Hawaii events will be posted to our website.

For more information on the different types of Forum events at the Congress, visit the main Forum page.

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