Next Generations

The international community increasingly recognises youth as important actors and stakeholders in conservation and creating a better future for our planet. The IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 is a unique opportunity to support, empower and learn from next generations of conservationists. Young people: get involved! Check out the Youth Resources portal and register for Students Day at #IUCNcongress 2016.


Recent updates

Alison Sudol
10 Aug 2016
"It's about focussing on the extraordinary opportunity we have in this moment to do something truly great and inspire younger generations through education, hands-on experience, storytelling, art and nurturing their powerful natural instincts," says Alison Sudol, musician, actress, and IUCN Goodwill Ambassador.
Mrs Dawn Ige, First Lady of the State of Hawaiʻi
28 Jul 2016
Mrs Dawn Ige, First Lady of the State of Hawaiʻi, discusses the Hawaiʻi Youth Challenge 2020 – a ‘Design Thinking’ activity to engage youth at the IUCN Congress.   
28 Jul 2016
The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Leadership Program aims to provide current and future business leaders with an in-depth understanding of sustainability challenges and opportunities to inform their strategic decision-making. 
East-West Center Environmental Leadership circle
28 Jul 2016
The East-West Center in Honolulu is fostering a vibrant network of young leaders who are equipped to create innovative solutions to 21st century environmental challenges.  
Jane Au, RISE (Rewarding Internships for Sustainable Employment) intern and IUCN Congress 2016 cultural Engagement Fellow
26 Jul 2016
"Today, we find ourselves surrounded by more concrete than koa, more hotels than natural coastline. It is more important than ever to reconnect with nature for our own health and for the health of our communities," says Jane Au, an intern at RISE (Rewarding Internships for Sustainable Employment) and a cultural Engagement Fellow for the IUCN Congress 2016.  
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