Between now and Congress, we will highlight many conservation and sustainable development issues in the feed below. Please check back frequently as we add more stories on new topics every couple of weeks.

The effect of biocontrol on strawberry guava
18 May 2016
Reese Brand Phillips from the US Fish and Wildlife Service discusses the impacts of invasive alien species in Hawai'i and introduces new ways to addressing the problem.
12 May 2016
Benito A. González, Chairperson of the IUCN SSC South American Camelid Specialist Group discusses cultural and criminal aspects of vicuña poaching in Latin America
Local youth with a rescued pangolin
12 May 2016
The Pangolin Conservation Initiative – a transnational project funded through IUCN’s Save Our Species initiative – works at both ends of the supply chain to protect these Critically Endangered animals from international illegal wildlife trade. 
An albatross
12 May 2016
A two-metre-high fence protects native plants and animals in Ka‘ena Point. It's island innovation in action.
Polar bear in the arctic
12 May 2016
In order to understand polar bear population trends and support good conservation decisions, WWF is supporting high-tech polar bear research.
Underwater image
04 May 2016
Partnership will highlight pressing conservation issues and ways to solve them
Ana Tiraa
29 Apr 2016
Ana Tiraa, Director of Climate Change Cook Islands and representative of Te Ipukarea Society, an IUCN Member, discusses nature’s role in successful climate adaptation and mitigation. 
Victoria Falls National Park, Zimbabwe
26 Apr 2016
Nikita Lopoukhine, National Trustee and Chair of the Conservation Committee of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society, discusses the role of protected areas in conservation 
Jordanian woman looking out onto Petra
26 Apr 2016
Women are key actors for successful climate change adaptation and mitigation. The Jordanian government has committed to supporting women's roles in climate decision-making and policy implementation. 
Cordillera Azul National Park
26 Apr 2016
IUCN will mitigate carbon emissions from Congress air and ground travel, accommodation and on-the-ground logistics through the Cordillera Azul National Park Project in Peru.


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